Bejsirfs are small and agile hovercrafts that have two large engines on each side of a small cockpit that's generally built to accommodate one passenger. They are the most popular mode of transportation around Terrahypt. They provide excellent mobility over any type of solid and liquid terrain.

The inventor of the Bejsirf, Beja came to the idea when she was working at a vehicle repair site. She was fetching 4 cruiser engines and found out that only 2 needed replacement. With the provider of the engines gone to accept the left-over engines, she took them home to her garage. There she attached them to a small cockpit, included a gyro and an archothruster to make it hover.

Bejsirfs rely on chemical propulsion instead of fans or propeller blades. Most come equipped with a Chemical Transmutator (CT) that takes nitrogen out of the atmosphere and binds them together to form azide propellants which pushes the craft forwards. The synthesis process is slow, but the CT runs indefinitely, charging up the tanks even when the Bejsirf is not in use.

Some of the Bejsirfs come with ion engines, although these types of Bejsirfs are fairly rare.