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CoolAshRed1 CoolAshRed1 21 August 2016


Hello to everybody who reads this. My name is Orangey, And i need help from you!

I decided to Sign-up for the "Zerahypt" Website. While i was signning up, I got to a weird kind of Question: "Type the Name of the Character you play as in Zerahypt, The Character's age, and then the Character's race. (name age race)" I didn't really understood what they wanted and so i made my own character, age and race: Name: Shadow, Age: 21, Race: Humanoid. I then clicked Sign up and BAM! 

 1. You did not complete the CAPTCHA verification properly. Please try again.

WOW! I DID WHAT YOU ASKED!!! I later tried Multiple things, Like: "shadow 21 humanoid" "Shadow 21 Humanoid" "Shadow21Humanoid" and more... Can you please help me? I really want to sign up!

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Vedlom Vedlom 10 May 2015

Acrityrda Guard

Well, I have a question.

Trisca says that she will tell you when she will escort you right? When does she say that? I've been waiting around her dor around two and a half hours and that's the only response I get.

Do I have to do anything special to trigger her to escort me, or that will be in an upcoming update?

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Mr.SquirrelFace Mr.SquirrelFace 9 November 2012


In case you didn't notice there is a video page.Yay! I hope that everyone aknoledges it and mabey posts a video once in a while, that is all.

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Terrahyptian Citizen Terrahyptian Citizen 5 November 2012

A Quick Question Dut.

Hey Dut, s'me. Been noticing the recent changes and keeping up with them. the rules of this Wikia i've always understood respectively (I've only Uploaded content strictly from you). But with the new rule edit, will i now need to go to you in order to get permission to upload new Articles/Pics? (for Example Acrityrdra)

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Mr.SquirrelFace Mr.SquirrelFace 26 October 2012

post question

I found a pornagraphic drawing of Alia, and I was wondering wether or not to post it. I'm gonna, if you got a problem with that then you should tell me/dutvutan/a terrahypt citizen to remove it. Please rospond.

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Something you might relate to, Ben! :D

This guy, much like you, has thought of a different universe with weapons, animals and whatnot.

It's but more in the steampunk style, but he also makes some pretty amazing artwork! He even has set up a gallery!

Anyways, here's his site: http://www.drgrordborts.com/dr-grordbort-s-infallible-aether-oscillators-where-science-meets-violence/

Sorry, if I'm making inwanted propaganda... I just found this interesting and couldn't help but link it to you!

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Levithan Driver Levithan Driver 24 March 2012

Steam Group Talk!

Today I went on steam and I had setup a contest. 10 people joined since then, and I am very happy. I also met 3 friends. This has made me very glad of this for I don't know many people on steam that are my friends...I only have 6. Well sadly, I had to quit the group for a bit becuase I had some...personal issues. Sometimes I think that quitting the group was a bad idea. 10 people quit while I was gone. Now there are 20 people in that group.

Levithan Driver 04:20, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

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Denzulus, Locuan Prospector Denzulus, Locuan Prospector 21 March 2012

Minecraftian Terraypt / Terrahyptian Minecraft

I have been having this idea of implementing some of Terrahyptian things into Minecraft since Minecraft provides a vast choice of possibilites.

However, I'm not a modder of any kind. I'm rather a speculator and come up with ideas rather then work them out. (That and I'm too lazy to find a guide on how to make Minecraft mods and then learn all of that shit since I already have to learn to much against my will because of me being a student :P)

So if anyone is interested or maybe has anymore ideas, just contact me in any way possible.

FYI, I have a Youtube account: Dunzification. There's just some random shit there, don't pay attention to that.

I'm thinking of starting out small by introducing a new mob, namely Locuans.

Thank you for your time rea…

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Extra Floofy Cyrathilian Extra Floofy Cyrathilian 18 March 2012

So I made a Terrahypt-themed radio play...

...but it's full of speculation, some fan fluff, mispronunciations, and a bunch of stuff I had to make up because I don't have the pleasure of living in Ben's head. Do any of you want me to post it on my YouTube page anyway?

Synopsis: Andrew, an obnoxious, 15 year old student, has everything a young man could ever want. But his easy life of sports, grades, and girls is shattered when his parents are killed in a mysterious car accident. Angered, upset, and confused by this shocking news, he storms down the sidewalk, where he comes across a tiny, wooded roadside park he has never noticed before. Exhausted, he falls asleep under one of the trees, only to wake up in a desert swarming with locusts.

Anyone out there interested? I'll probably post …

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Samtx Samtx 16 February 2012

Who's your favorite character?

Who's your favorite character?

Syrsa, Dutvutan, Didi, Irethia, etc.

Mine's Taron at the moment. Haven't had much time to immerse myself in the universe of Terraphyt.

Leave yawr comments below

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Spootarran Spootarran 4 February 2012


The point of a blog is..?

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Skopian Adventurer Skopian Adventurer 14 August 2011


I never even understood why we need blogs...

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Purple-Link Purple-Link 29 July 2011

I hate blogs

But for now I'll make an exception.

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