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File:Power of the bukula by syrsa-d4tj3q3.png

Here we see a Thilian, performing a fiery display of the bukula's power. Growing a blazing ball of fire in her belly, expelling the exhaust in the form of an intense beam out of her mouth and a flaming boost shooting out from her butt to provide flying ability.

The Bukula is the stomach of a Thilian. Its first role is obviously for storing and

digesting food, yet in considerably larger amounts. It's second role is to be used as a combustion chamber for various purposes, when being used that way, it secretes a liquid that is being absorbed by any of the contents inside their stomach, and when it's absorbed, the Thilian activates the mixture that causes the atoms inside the content to split, causing huge amounts of energy and heat wich results in a wave of fiery beams that can be forced out of their mouth or rear.

The liquid that separates the atoms also fuses the carbon together to form a compact ball within the Bukula, this ball is then used as the fuel. But this apply mostly for celestial Thilians like Cyrathilians, Kybrothilians and regular Thilians.

But since they got to be easy with what they eat when they use their stomach that way, if they happen to have a fair amount of a heavier element in their stomach and combusts it, they can blast open their belly or destroy themselves.

Since this is very dangerous to say at least, the skin and inner membranes of a Thilian is highly resistant to flames, aswell as radiation for that matter, so they cannot be harmed so easily when they use their stomach for these kinds of purposes.

The third role of the Bukula is to be used as a womb to breed up their own. Following information of this can be seen at "Cyrathilian Lifecycle".