Cyecos is a highland territory in eastern Phasmia. It is the birthplace of the indigenous Locuans who have lived there ever since Lycia turned the atlas tree, Acrinua into her residence. The geology of the country is rich in exotic matter that fall in the opposite direction of gravity.  

This is the reason why Cyecos' geological features are much more extreme than the rest of Phasmia. Some of these minerals completely defy gravity which results in entire cliffs that float, making settlements in this area very unsafe. 

There are almost no roads in Cyecos due to these shifting mountains. So everyone will have to either resort in extreme offroad cars, airships or planes to commute. Some of the floating rocks have been repurposed to be vehicles themselves. These are called Zerzeks, some can be the size of boats and some can be the size of small towns.