Terrahypt Wiki

ESE is the abbreviation of "Elemental Spiritual Entity". ESEs are formed when a spirit or soul has possessed a chunk of Archium and becomes a part of it, making it the possessor’s body. The levels of an ESE goes through various stages. The first stage of an ESE where only vapors of Archium attracts to the spirit, making it a glowing orb. The next phase depends on how mature the spirit is.

If it is an immature spirit (animal), it takes shape of a Cykin. If it is an mature spirit but inexperienced, it takes shape of a Turgkin, and if it is an mature and experienced spirit, it takes shape of a Loukin.

When ESEs are born, they lose all their former physiology, excluding their mental memory, resulting in losing their gender and anatomy. But the body of an ESE will gradually resemble their mentally portrayed image, resulting in a somewhat semblance to their former silhouette.

The advantages of being an ESE is that you can control any part of your body and chunks of Archium with extreme speed and force, and modify your body however you like once you are skilled at knowing how things work and how to manipulate it. ESEs can also speak, even though they don't have a larynx. They emit sound when oscillating their spiritual energy, thus giving their ability to speak.

ESEs variate through color and ability depending on what Kabrian planet they end up on.

On Dutvutan, they become strong and destructive, and the color of their bodies are pitch black with a green glow.

On Raidyutan, they become durable and defensive, and the color of their bodies are brown with a golden glow.

On Turestan, they become fast and agile, and the color of their bodies are silver with a cyan glow.

A chart showing the evolutionary stages of an Elemental Spiritual Entity.