Kleiremus is a Terrahyptian car brand which designs and manufactures vehicles that range from cars to trucks. The typical characteristics of a Kleiremus is its stern, sincere look and hefty structure. They are deliberately built to be heavy and sturdy. The composite of their chassis is carbon fiber and tungsten carbide, making the vehicles incredibly tough.

The Kleiremus brand is favored by the Levian forces and The Tulabas because it's reliable when it comes to getting things done. It can travel through almost any terrain due to its 4 wheel drive, high torque and electric engine. The wheels of a Kleiremus are designed to take a myriad of poundings from any kind of matter they have to dig through. The tires also have an inbuilt structure which reveals when the air is sucked out by a pump. This makes the tires rugged which shoves back great amounts of sand or water to push the vehicle forward. Even by its weight, its approximately 10,000 horsepower electric motor will definitely make you go fast through almost any element, except a cliff wall.

Also, if you manage to roll the Kleiremus upside down, it can turn its engine block so the axle is facing along the vehicle and then accelerate the heavy rotor to a spin so that rapidly stopping it will cause the vehicle to roll over due to inertia.

Kleiremus by syrsa-d5mex5w

a Kleiremus S24