Locuan by syrsa-d3az8h3
Locuans are an insect-like Yrian race evolved through a series of abortions caused by Yluxa.

The Locuans are the only surviving Yrians with a non-humanoid body shape. Locuans are genderless and live together in colonies ruled by a clanmother. Around 85% of all Locuans live in a single colony located in Acrinua.

About 2 million Locuans live on Terrahypt today. They are artificially limited to 3 million inhabitants, both to prevent them from overpopulating Terrahypt and because of all the excessive oxygen that they inhale.

The body of an individual Locuan has thick husks that cover up the bottom half of its body, followed by 2 strong legs, each with a pair of camel-like toes, covered with rasp-like outgrowths that give a good grip on wood.

Prospector by syrsa-d4n6y0q

Here we see a prospector together with a Locuan companion, mining in a cave.

Their tongue is also covered with rasps, which they use to chew off wood that they eat or

use as building material later on. When combined with their saliva, it turns into a very potent glue. Locuans are good wood workers and carpenters; they can make beautiful handcrafts and great structures out of wood and lumber. Apart from clanmothers, there are 3 different kinds of Locuans: Foragers, Workers and Guards.

Locuans are excellent warriors. With their antennae, they can sense very small vibrations in the air and detect heat levels. They are fast and agile, and can withstand a great deal of damage. When in armies, they can link their minds together to form an aware and flexible troop. Finally, being an Yrian race, they are also able to breathe fire.

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