Lycia by syrsa-d39o5jq

In this picture we see Eymis helping Lycia that have lost herself after a big hunt.

Lycia is the clanmother of the Locuans, a giant that breeds and takes care of her babies. She lives at the top of the spire of Acrinua, the lushest place in the city. Lycia is not as mother-like as some thinks, she hunts by herself and jumps from the very top of the spire and down on the ground. For withstanding a jump from the top of a 1340 meter tall structure, she is very durable and strong, and together with rock hard exterior, she is a tank that can even sustain the projectiles from a cannon. But there is no one that even dares to battle against her.

Apart from her behemoth-like traits, she is as just as liberal as a princess. She however does not like intruders or those that barges in without a proper explanation. She is just after all concerned about her children.