Peukopedes are walking, two legged monsters that inhabit Dark Keigan. They emit a strange hissing noise and have a tendency to slowly waddle towards unsuspecting observers in the dark. Peukopedes are not inherently violent or dangerous as they merely stand over an observer upon reaching them. Peukopedes have a remarkable ability, despite their locomotive-unfriendly anatomy, to move and "stand" back up should they fall on the ground.


*sidenote* This wiki page is insufficient and needs more info. All current info relies purely on gameplay within zerahypt.

Trivia Edit

  • The peukopedes resemble the weird root structures in Dark Keigan and Knug.
  • When very near a unsuspecting observer, the peukopedes seem to just stand and idle in top of them for unknown reasons. If the unsuspecting observer walks away, the peukopedes will follow them for equally unknown reasons.
  • They have some similarities with the Peuknak.