A Snyf is a physical manifestation of a Thilians' thoughts and feelings. It is a white puffy body that can move on its own. Each Snyf bears its own message in form of chemicals that only Thilians can understand

A Snyf is made out of 2 parts. the outer part is a fluffy network of proteins that holds up the Snyf. The inner part is its pulsating snyf engine and chemical emitters. The chemical emitters are the source of the information that the Snyf possesses. Thilians can pick up the different smells that's produced by the chemical emitters and tell if the Snyf comes from a Thilian who's needs help, feeling lonely or frustrated.

A Snyf can travel very long distances as its lifetime can reach up to 5 days. They can live much longer if they become stray and linger around plants that produce Snyferol, a Thilian pheromone that is essential for a Snyf.