The Y is an incomprehensible phenomenon that occurs in the darkness of The Terrahyptic Station. It is said to be a ghost or an evil spirit that haunts around in the station. From another source, the Y is an aberration in the form of the letter Y, thus is where it's name comes from. It is also being told that this thing is a nullifier that sucks up spiritual particles/energy and removes it from existence. The Y is very hard to track down since it is being attracted to those that are alarmed and scared, thus causes their spiritual aura of energy that they emit to contract, wich makes it easier for the Y to devour. Yet it will not happen if there is another person nearby that is unafraid. The Y itself, by witnesses describing it to be a shade with 3 arms stretcing out from its body. And it emits a sound now and then that sounds like a faint whistling.