Tygriessas are a Thilian derived species created by Tygria to support and expand her regime. Tygriessas are like smaller versions of Tygria that live on Dutvutan, protecting and maintaining its culture where Loukins pretty much fail since they're less adaptable and agile than Tygriessas.

Like Tygria, Tygriessas are bipedal humanoids who have slight fuzzy skin that grows thicker on their scalps and foreheads. The Tygriessa species have biological polymorphism. They come in 3 different types, Nobles, Maternals and Procreants. Nobles are the most populous of the demographic, they are the typical Tygriessa breed. Maternals are considerably larger than Nobles, and unlike the other breeds, they're the only ones with breasts. Maternals are the ones responsible for taking care of the young, injured and sick since their milk promote growth and is packed with nutrients and antibodies that fight diseases. Procreants are the rarest type, only less than a thousand exist. They are similar to nobles, but like their name suggests, they are responsible for producing new Tygriessas.

Despite the biological polymorphism of the Tygriessas, their social structure is flexible as a Maternal can take the role of a Noble. Though being twice the size of a Noble, the standardized system of rooms, vehicles and appliances appear troublesome for their large size.